Optimizing the Call Center to Optimize the Customer Interaction

It still amazes me how the call center, which is perhaps the pinnacle interaction between a customer and a business, still undervalues the actual interaction. After speaking with a call center customer this morning, a Canadian outsourcer called Tacamor, it’s amazing just how much of the technology is designed to run the call center, not optimize the interactions.

Despite the seemingly never ending cascade of metrics, I think most call center managers don’t have a comprehensive view into agent behavior and performance during each customer interaction. Call recording and quality monitoring provide great feedback around agent behavior and customer experience.

You might say what else do you need than? But these technologies are only samplings. But I’ve read of some call centers now measuring different sets of metrics to gauge application performance, system errors, and other impediments to agent productivity, in short, checking to see if all the tools and systems a CSR might need during an interaction are performing as well as they’re expected to.

It’s a fresh angle to an age-old problem, but an interesting one I think. The idea is to take some of the guesswork out of managing the agent/customer interaction and identifying problems from the agent perspective, and gauge how agents are executing when using call center technologies.

One thought on “Optimizing the Call Center to Optimize the Customer Interaction

  1. Too often we fall in love with the technology instead of using technology to enhance the customer experience. Those phone tree traps as I call them, that require you to press 1 if this or 2 if that, have made simple customer inquiries impossible. Did anyone ask the customer if the new technology was going to make things easier for them?

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