What the Sugar Open Cloud Brings to Asia-Pac CRM

Just read that Springboard research claims that about half of all CRM deployments in the Asia-Pac region (excluding Japan) are going with SaaS or cloud-based deployments.

This is interesting for a number of reasons. First, it shows that in areas where CRM penetration is relatively low across all market segments, first time CRM buyers are seeing SaaS or cloud as a huge benefit to getting up and running quickly and with less risk.

But…how much more SaaS deployments would we be seeing if more providers opened up their cloud or SaaS environments to their channel partners in Asia? I think it would be even higher. You see, with the older multi-tenant approaches, no matter how many datacenters in how many regions are operated by a vendor, they are still just that – vendor-owned walled gardens. Vertical and geographical customizations play second fiddle to scale and economy.

However, with more open models like the Sugar Open Cloud, partners can co-opt the same scalable and highly efficient cloud-based model that SugarCRM itself uses, and offer highly customized local SaaS or cloud offerings to their customers. This way, SugarCRM users get great software, customized to their needs, but also in a high performing, local data center. This model creates a lot of benefits for users, and also for partners, as they own more of the customer life cycle and in turn, more of the revenue stream over time.