Just What is the CRM Market Today?

I am in the process of putting together a sort of “State of the Union” for the CRM market for a presentation. And I must say, as a former analyst, that there is wayyyyy to much of a disconnect between one firm’s definition of the CRM market as a whole and another firm’s view. And, don’t even get me started on market sizes.

There are a lot of variables, to be sure. Some CRM vendors are still selling perpetual licenses. Others are not SaaS providers, but sell via subscription. Open source CRM brings down revenue numbers, but increases use and market penetration. How do you measure that in real terms?

Are we talking about only net new deals for a year? Or do add-on deals get sliced and diced along with new CRM user organizations.

In short – making sense of any CRM market analysis is difficult.

I am curious though to hear, how do you define the CRM market?  What would you include in a market size report?  What would you leave out? In a growing SaaS world – where do professional services come in to the picture?

And what about the whole “CRM 2.0?” Are firms like InsideView or even Hoover’s – two entities now inextricably linked with next-generation CRM deployments – part of the CRM market now?

If I add call center operations into this mix my head might explode.

But seriously, I’d love to hear your comments here at the blog or via Twitter on what you feel constitutes the CRM market today.

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