Sugar 5.5’s Mobile Capabilities Within the Context of Social Networking on the Cell Phone

Just yesterday there was an article in the Wall Street Journal detailing how sites such as Facebook and MySpace work great on smartphones such as the Blackberry and iPhone, but on lower-end devices that lack QWERY keypads or processing power, not so much.

Now companies such as AT&T and Sprint Nextel are attempting to improve access to these services by integrating new Web-based applications in an effort to improve usability. I couldn’t help but notice how we’re seeing the same trend playing out within the CRM market among mobile capabilities, which is one of the main reasons why Mobile Studio Editor was the crux of our announcement on Wednesday.

The idea is to allow users and developers to have pre-built layouts and fields for the wireless client within Sugar Studio, allowing them to design purpose built mobile views. For road warriors in the field, that means the ability to more easily manage customer data and provide services more quickly.

As one example, telecom companies whose CRM initiatives revolve strongly around order and service delivery could leverage capabilities such as these to customize their mobile devices to more effectively communicate data between field service forces and CSRs back home.

Just how some media companies, mobile carriers and software developers are struggling with the challenge of delivering the best possible experience across all platforms for sites such as Facebook or MySpace (much to the determent of the customer), the same can be said of providing customer data into a mobile CRM platform. With Mobile Studio Editor, we hoped we’ve solved that problem by putting the power into the customer’s hands.