SugarCRM 5.5, REST and More Inclusive Web Services

One of the great things about flying out of San Jose airport is that inevitably, the person next to you on your flight, or in line, or waiting at the gate etc. is somehow involved in the tech industry. I have had some of the most interesting conversations on flights back east lately.

Yesterday was no different. I was chatting with a guy that does freelance web design and site building for companies. We got to talking about SugarCRM, and I noted that we had just gone into beta of the 5.5 release, which now supports a REST API. (REST stands for representational state transfer – and is a way of “pointing to” objects on the web for a simple yet very effective application integration strategy).

The conversation included the differences between SOAP and REST and why for a lot of the new developers growing up in the age of web architectures, REST is a great resource.

We are seeing more and more companies use Sugar as a hub, linking other systems that are web-based. These can be packaged apps like e-commerce and ERP tools, but can also simply be web-based internally created properties product catalogs. Linking these to Sugar via REST makes a lot of sense.

Sugar 5.5 has a lot of cool stuff – including enhanced mobile capabilities (as Colin mentioned below) and some cool stuff around collaboration in the form of Dynamic Teams.

But I really see the enhanced web services support as the jewel of 5.5. As more and more facets of an enterprise’s operations are web-based, making it easier to link them to process flows in their CRM system is a great addition. I hope to see some really creative and cool examples of Sugar being linked to e-commerce and ERP for some really strong end-to-end process support.

3 thoughts on “SugarCRM 5.5, REST and More Inclusive Web Services

  1. Hi Martin,
    Thanks for the blog,
    I’m working on a large project which requires sugarCRM customization , and I certainly believe REST API integration will be the best among feasible ways for integration.
    But I was stuck in finding documentation for the rest API and bugs log , can you consume your valuable 10 mins to provide URLs for these if you have pls? you can post it in reply to this comment , will keep checking it.
    I know it’s not a forum so apologize if I’ve bothered you 🙂

  2. Thanks a lot Martin,
    the link was really a perfect catalyst and great thing was , we were able to complete the project with help of REST API, the system is about to go live and thats all because of nice people like you and opensource like SugarCE

    Thanks a lot

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