Posted in May 2009

Money Doesn’t Equal Improved CRM

I’ve read plenty about companies looking to cut costs by trimming CRM budgets, but I think Gartner brings up some great points in one of their latest reports about how improving one’s CRM initiatives when you don’t have the money doesn’t have to be about the technology. It’s funny that after so many years of … Continue reading

Monopolizing the Customer Experience

I’m kind of thinking out loud (typing out loud?) here, but a blog post by Sav Rodrigues of at InfoWorld got me thinking. Savio’s post is about the experience factor of the Linux desktop OS: people tend to pay the extra $50 for a Windows Netbook he argues because they simply know what to expect … Continue reading

A History Lesson in CRM

I couldn’t resist commenting on Martin’s blog post below, in addition to the linked comments made by Josh Weinberger and Jill Dyche over on the blog. I’ve always been a big history buff, mostly because it provides perspective on what’s happening today and what we can expect in the immediate future, whether it be … Continue reading

CRM at Work

I was in touch with a partner today about CRM implementations and the volume and kinds of data that companies new to CRM are forced to handle. All too often, CRM becomes an exercise in managing customer information, as opposed to actual relationships. Businesses become to bogged down the numbers statistics instead of actually putting … Continue reading

CRM, CMS Systems and Cloud Computing

Are you running your CRM system in tandem with a content management system (CMS)? Many have yet to see the simple need to integrate a CMS with their CRM initiative. But the basic benefits are clear: -Place sales and marketing collateral into the hands of sales people with ease and allow them to change that … Continue reading

Is Remarketing a Good Idea?

The idea of “following” an online shopper who leaves the site without buying anything could be construed by some as evasive. But as this New York Times article details, that’s exactly what might start to happen thanks to a new service called Abandonment Tracker Pro. A Web store will be notified by Tracker Pro when … Continue reading