Posted in June 2009

Social Media, CEOs and Authenticity

A survey/study of the CEOs of Fortune 100 companies reveals that social media is not a priority. Well, I understand that CEOs of the world’s largest companies are probably pretty busy. But to have no Fortune 100 CEOs writing blogs, and only a few using Twitter, seems rather odd. I mean, wouldn’t you want a … Continue reading

Customer Conversations: Sugar and Web 2.0

The concept of home-based employees servicing clients virtually has always carried a ton of merit, but outside of the call center industry, few real world examples. SaaS and other advancements in communication and Internet infrastructure was the first big step in the right direction, but still left the concept very much the part of enterprises … Continue reading

Kodak: Winds of Change

A friend of mine that works for Nokia recently forwarded me these videos from rival Kodak, which among other things, caught my attention for their degree of honesty and humor around a company that had seriously lost touch with consumers. Here’s a great example of a business rebranding, or reinventing itself to the consumer, and … Continue reading

Self Regulation the Key to Privacy and Marketing

In the never-ending battle between Web-based advertising and privacy, it seems the consumer is slowly taking back control. The technology has become so mature, the processes primed, that you’re seeing government agencies and trade groups step in to try to give consumers more control over how their private information is used online. Sears was recently … Continue reading

Social Media’s Untapped Resource

I wanted to add a few comments to my previous post from Monday. I’ve heard many within our industry speak to the underused human potential when it comes to technology and people within the business place…a cognitive surplus if you will. In the past, technology, and redesigning processes to match it, has worked wonders for … Continue reading

What Has Social Media Taught Us About CRM?

There is no doubt in my mind that the explosion of social media presents an amazing opportunity for every vendor in the CRM marketplace. I believe this to be the case because of what social media represents: bringing every level and generation of sales and marketing individuals together on shared platforms. Think about it – … Continue reading