Putting Future Integrations and APIs to REST

On Friday Martin mentioned the new REST API capabilities inherent in the Sugar 5.5 release, and how open source and APIs are resulting in Sugar being leveraged as a platform hub, linking packaged apps like e-commerce and ERP solutions to support process flows.

Such is the case with Affinity4, an MSO provider that also donates 10 percent of a customer’s payment back to an NPO, charity, etc. of their choosing. While they’re not leveraging REST APIs or 5.5 yet, they’re case study speaks to the where we see Sugar as a product going forward.

Rather than continuing to leverage multiple service and product solutions for each of their offerings, Affinity4 has consolidated those functions within Sugar by tying their ERP and billing software into Sugar 5.0, in addition to their Asterisk-based phone system that their CSRs leverage within their call center. The result is Sugar acting as a hub through which the company tracks invoicing, billing, product management, service, sales, and marketing for customers, and then monitor the follow-up with selected NPOs, all through Sugar.

We expect we’ll see more and more companies leveraging Sugar in this manner, in the case of Affinity4, in a B2C2B model. With the REST capabilities in 5.5, we hope we’ve made integrations such as these easier moving forward.