Social Media and CRM

The latest issue of CRM magazine is available online, and it’s a great, in-depth look into one of the hottest trends sculpting the CRM landscape today. Martin and I, among others, have ranted on about it here for nearly a year, and it’s nice to see one of the industry’s leading publications continuing to delve into this space as well.

Above all, social media and CRM hopes to make the interaction between businesses and customers two-way, by bringing attitudinal data and bi-directional, community-driven service and marketing into the mix. In the process, it will hopefully return CRM back to the 1 to 1 level of interaction that even the larger businesses have sought after.

But enough talking on my behalf. For a great look at how social media is, or will, influence CRM across sales, marketing, and service, check out the June issue of CRM here.