Gartner’s “Low Cost CRM Strategies” Somehow Misses Open Source

I was just catching up on my blogroll and Google alerts after a trip back east. And this article over at SearchCRM jumped out at me, for obvious reasons. It’s called “Gartner Offers Five Low Cost CRM Strategies” and includes some advice fro a recent report by Gartner analyst Scott Nelson.

Once you look through the list, the absence of open source CRM becomes clear. Now, why would a report about low cost CRM strategies NOT include open source CRM? After all, hundreds of thousands of users are seeing strong CRM benefits with SugarCRM’s Community Edition alone, without paying a cent in subscription or license fees for their CRM.

In all fairness, the report was about stretching your existing CRM implementation. But – how often is an “existing CRM implementation” in reality just a hobbled together mess of spreadsheets, email, IM tools and some inborn processes?

I do think Gartner could have at least mentioned that in addition to the full scale open source CRM products; there are open source add-ons that can aid ANY tech implementation. As the report notes that analytics are a good way to boost your CRM – why not mention that open BI tools can be acquired for very little cost?

It’s strange, because as a marketer I vacillate at times between thinking that open source has fully penetrated the technology mindset, and that we are still only just beginning to see the world understand the value of open…