Using the Government Stimulus as a Cold Calling Entry Point

I’d love to hear if anyone else has experienced this yet…

Our VP of Marketing forwarded me a voice mail from a cold call essentially saying that they were calling with interest in SugarCRM “from the federal government” regarding spending stimulus money on CRM packages and wanted to let us know more about the opportunity…

Wait, what?

Now, with a claim like that – you know I was going to call back.

Turns out, the caller was simply selling trade show exhibit space at an event geared towards government IT decision makers. So, was she lying? Not totally. Was she misleading? Definitely.

But…in a world where budgets are tight, time is even more of a premium, this sales person got me to call her back immediately.There is something interesting in that fact.

I am not condoning this salesperson’s behavior at all. But in this economy, and in a competitive market, she was able to be creative enough to make a cold call stick out.

Let’s just say I honor the spirit, if not the letter of her creativity.

One thought on “Using the Government Stimulus as a Cold Calling Entry Point

  1. Now lying ( saying anything to get the sale) is creativity and we can blame the GFC for that too!!

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