SugarCRM’s Module Builder in Action: Blog Tracking Module

The writers of Open Source CRM Guru know their stuff, and if you haven’t checked out the blog, you really should be following it. These guys exhibit the ultimate spirit of open CRM – taking its flexibility and potential to the limit. Very cool customizations and integrations are featured throughout.

The latest post on SugarCRM has the writer creating a blog tracking tool.  It is simple, for the most part, and shows how different types of interactions – not just customer and revenue tracking – can be housed on the Sugar platform.

The blog tracking example is of course hip and up to date, but the real value here is in the concept. I love that the modern CRM platforms are able to make major extensions in terms of the types of people and processes they optimize. And these custom apps or modules, or objects – whatever you wish to call them – cost nearly zero to create. All it takes is a little time and creativity.

Think about it – years ago you’d have to either buy a very expensive custom built solution to mange all these little tasks, spending incrementally as new point features were needed. Or, you could buy pre-packaged apps that you paid per person. Now, adding functionality without incurring significant consulting or programming costs, as well as no addition license or subscription costs, can be a normal experience in the development world – not an anomaly.

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