Social Networks’ Eventual Fallout on Knowledge Management Systems

I spoke with a customer today that provided some insight on the impact that they see social networking data having on knowledge management systems. Just like Web 2.0 is bringing bi-directional communications back to the customer interaction, I see the same happening with knowledge management.

Rather than taking a “top-down” approach with online demos or FAQs, why not start weaving blogs, wikis, online ratings, and related functionality into a company’s online presence?

Knowledge bases have always been regarded as informative, but also misleading and static. They’re only as good as the information you can find on them…and if you can’t, well you’re out of luck. Social networking should add a new, dynamic angle to knowledge bases where customers have access to the most relevant info on products, services and customers.

With some degree of control over who has the right to post blogs and wiki info to help ensure the integrity of information, I could see social networking data having a big impact on knowledge bases moving forward.