Customer Experience Management and CRM: The Same, But Different

I just finished reading Paul Greenberg’s excerpted chapter from his latest version of his book CRM at the Speed of Light, which is on customer experience mapping and related issues.

Great stuff, thanks Paul for giving us a sneak peek at the book – slowly but surely…

The chapter is interesting because it covers an area that a lot of people on the periphery of the CRM world tend to confuse with traditional CRM. See, when CRM “fails” in most people’s eyes I’d argue it is usually not a CRM failure but a lack of experience management by the company.

To put this in real word terms, let’s say you provide your customers with access to their support case data, but only do it online, or only over the phone. If 70% of your customers don’t like one (or either) of those channels, they look at you as having bad customer relations. But, internally, your CRM system may be well adopted and running smoothly with great data.

The intersection where customer meets CRM system is that sweet spot for customer experience management. That is where CEM shines: in discovering HOW customers like to interact with your company, and in turn, the mechanisms that allow you to track, capture and manage data.

So, it is theoretically very possible that your customers can have bad experiences while your CRM initiative is stellar, and of course vice versa.