Riding the Google Wave

I’ve always viewed Google as something of a dark horse in the CRM/enterprise software space, but a conversation I had over the weekend with somebody familiar with the software market over Google’s latest announcement underlined those thoughts.

A week ago, Google announced Wave, which its intending to create an open ecosystem for communication and collaboration across Web 2.0 mediums. The fact remains that the next generation is making demands for computing in the workplace to be on par with the sophisticated computing they have in their homes. The manner in which companies will interact with customers is no exception to this revolution.

That said, there still seems to be a significant gap in the current state of Web-based communications and enterprise 2.0 apps. As a result I think you’ll continue to see Web 2.0 mashups such as these be driven by the platforms such as Google in an effort to fill those holes.

The concept of cloud-based productivity and collaboration suites is starting to takeoff, and in many cases, are assisting CRM initiatives, and in the process, allowing office productivity applications to become CRM apps, granted your CRM provider provides the framework and openness to do so.

At over an hour long, this video is a little too all-encompassing, but feel free to scroll through for what I think gives a great glimpse into what we can expect to see within the immediate future, not just in terms of enterprise collaboration, but also in terms of CRM. Whether Google will continue to play an important role in that development, only time will time.