AT&T and the iPhone: Service Over Functionality

I just came across a great post that really summarizes how AT&T is single-handily torpedoing the iPhone.

Apple makes a slew of announcements out of its developer conference this week surrounding the upcoming iPhone 3G S and AT&T turns right around and drops a bombshell by announcing a hefty upgrade fee and lack of support for MMS and tethering.

As I’ve said before, service will always get the nod over functionality in the mobility market. AT&T and Apple has done a great job of locking themselves, and their customers, down and undermining the latest and greatest the iPhone has to offer.

3 thoughts on “AT&T and the iPhone: Service Over Functionality

  1. Apple will not deploy this to Verizon till they support 3G or 4G technology. It really makes no sense to have two different phones. It is that tri/quad mode support by HTC and others that really prevents fast innovation. AT&T knows this. It would be easier for Apple to launch on T-Mobile from a technology standpoint, but who wants to be on T-Mobile?

    I am on AT&T as a retail customer with an HTC smart phone. I will not pay the upgrade cost and I have been waiting to make the move to Verizon. There are hidden costs of being on the AT&T network. For instance, all my friends, relatives, etc are on Verizon. Last month I got wacked with an overage charge for exceeding my minutes on AT&T from all the out-of-network calling I do to Verizon users here in the NYC metro area.

    So the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) FAR EXCEEDS what most tech journalists calculated in the justification articles you might have read online. Just last month I got hit with $150 in overage charges. I had wrongly assumed my “roll over” minutes would cover my usage overage.

    Coverage here in the NYC by AT&T is more like skipping rocks in a pond and the devices on the network do not effectively roam between the older “EDGE” and the faster/newer “3G” technologies. Almost ALWAYS active calls are dropped when this occurs.

    What I do like about the HTC is there is an active OPEN development community for it. I can often download ROM updates from the developer community that fix some of AT&T’s network issues BEFORE AT&T releases ROM updates. A ROM update to the HTC radio vastly improved transitions between EDGE and 3G reception.

    I highly doubt Apple will ever allow this type of OPEN development for its iPhone at the ROM level.

  2. My janitorial service uses iphones in Irvine CA. I have not had a problem with dropped calls when service switches from 3G to edge. The 3G service is pretty reliable in my area. I have heard from people in other states and areas that they have experienced spotty 3G service. I have noticed an increase in bills with out of network calls that we did not have a problem with when using Verizon. I really do hope that AT&T and Apple can work this whole thing out so that it makes sense or the customer.

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