A Great Take on the Private Cloud and User Experience

If you are into technology and are not reading EMC’s Chuck Hollis’ blog, I suggest that you do. He has a recent post about cloud computing – to be more specific on private clouds, that really resonated well with me and what we’re doing around the cloud here at SugarCRM.

Chuck talks about the notion of a “portable user experience” that is managed inside private clouds. The notion is for enterprises to be able to package up the same user experience for all their applications – the UI, the data access etc. and make it available across touch points and geographies.

Too often the cloud argument gets into the idea of infrastructure and managing “big” applications and systems in an on-demand fashion. And too often the cloud when it comes to applications immediately conjures up images of SaaS players borrowing the cloud concept.

But this idea of private cloud-powered, portable user experiences is essentially what we’re shooting for with the total user experience of the Sugar product line. Think about it, how many times have you had a very different experience with your email, your work apps, etc. when traveling due to limited features, data availability, collaboration capabilities because you were on a different machine, no linked directly to your office servers, etc.?

Now, if the tenets of cloud computing – without even needing third party involvement – are added to the basic applications we all use in our work life: email, CRM, collaboration tools, we can have a consistent experience and be more productive and happy workers.

It seems a simple concept, but all too often the simplest ideas in the IT world sometimes require very complex solutions to make them a reality.