Have a Great SugarCRM Story? Let the World Know…

Just a quick note. Colin and my old haunt CRM magazine is accepting nominations for CRM Market Leaders – including nominations from end-user companies that have had successful CRM rollouts.

So, if you have a great Sugar success story to share – drop CRM Magazine a line and let the world know.

One thought on “Have a Great SugarCRM Story? Let the World Know…

  1. hello,

    we use SugarCRM to support all our marketing & client activities in Germany. We are a young company selling software for house dealers, that help them to have the overview of available house offers by pivate house owners.
    We have integrated SugarCRM in our processes, so that e.g. when a Interest is downloading the software via the Soap Interface a new Interest is created in SugarCRM, so that the salespeople can do the necessary follow ups.

    Stephan Welker

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