Does Twitter Sell Your Brand Short?

I had an interesting conversation over the weekend about some of the topics I’ve blogged about in the past – namely the “Twintern” concept and the notions around leveraging Twitter and social media not as a closing point, but as a demand generation vehicle.

Someone in the conversation brought up a good point: It is harder to create short messaging that works (aka the 140 character tweet limitation) than it is to blab on and on about the benefits of your product or service.

It is a real concern. For many B2B marketers, brevity has never been an issue. We push hour-long webcasts, 10 page white papers, garrulous CEO keynotes and panel discussions at trade shows – we do not deal with 30-second commercials or the other shorter forms that are the retinue of B2C marketers.

So, are you 100% certain that your Twitter brand messaging is on point? While you have the freedom to make as many 140 character blurbs as you’d like, how many are coming through crystal clear. And how many are getting to the right eyes considering the way users search and filter tweets?

I am not saying that Twitter is a bad channel for marketing, not at all. But I would argue that for those that feel the short messaging is simpler than longer formats – I disagree. My journalism professor in college had use try to tell a story over telegram – we had three points to make, but very limited funds to send the wire message, which made for a lot of interesting wordings. In the same vein – Twitter makes you focus on some points and ignore others. Just make sure you choose the right ones for each bucket…