Kindle vs. CrunchPad – Which Would You Own?

I’m sure there are a lot of Kindle owners reading this blog (or maybe I’m just overestimating my readership) and I must admit I’ve flirted with buying one. I, like many, want to consider myself mildly intelligent and cultured and continue to read books, but the iTunes lifestyle has made buying paper books a crazy thought.

So, the Kindle seems a great addition to my growing arsenal of electrical diversions.

But – then I (probably later than most) discovered the CrunchPad was getting really close to release.

A dilemma instantly popped into my head. Do I get the Kindle and basically just read books on it – and feed my culture-starved brain. Or do I wait and get a tool that also lets me browse around and use the web in various forms.

The Kindle seems far more portable (not talking about the weirdly huge DX) but the CrunchPad seems far more utilitarian in terms of value for the money. But, dragging a 12″ screen around is hardly a breeze.

I’d love to hear from the Outsiders readers – which would you prefer: A dedicated and portable reading enabler; or essentially a peripheral-less tablet PC? Which one makes more sense to your lifestyle?


Which will win?  Or, is it even a contest?