ROI: More Important Than Ever

A stream of conversations I’ve recently had with customers has really underlined the importance of measuring the ROI for a CRM implementation. This article over on also touches upon this. How are companies suppose to leverage the customer experience as a key differentiator when they don’t have any CRM benchmarks to begin with to drive future investments?

It doesn’t cease to amaze me that despite the mature state of the CRM market, companies are still struggling to understand exactly which areas of their business a recently implemented CRM system is touching upon and improving. In the absence of such info, it’s no surprise that businesses are failing to drive their CRM initiatives in the right direction.

And I’m not just referring to the low-lying fruit such as leads generated or sales reporting and pipeline management improved, but some of the other, tougher-to-uncover ROI surrounding how your CRM system is improving back-end processes with operations, billing, or service delivery. Those can be the ones that can usually uncover the best of what your company has to offer in terms of the customer experience. Those are the ROIs companies often times overlook, but which can lead to even greater returns down the road.