Bundling Open SaaS Apps on Netbooks – the Mobile Open Cloud?

I’ve been thinking about how a lot of the problems with netbooks – or should I say the business adoption of them – stem from the lack of memory and speed.

But, if the web became a processor, so to speak, and SaaS or cloud apps were bundled on these netbooks (or simply have subscriptions and logins as most SaaS products are sold) – these little PCs become much more valuable.In a sense, it creates a truly mobile cloud computing scenario. The cloud runs these apps, all accessed anywhere and everywhere.

I do believe the netbook bridges the gap between the weight and expense of laptops for mobile sales teams, and the small screen and annoying data entry process for small screen format smart phones.

So, imagine that you are a sales representative that is constantly in the field. Instead of getting a blackberry and a laptop – and dealing with carrying and managing both, you simply have a lightweight, ultra-portable netbook that can have the full CRM tools you want – not some scaled down native application or a web-based streamlined mobile version. I think it presents a compelling argument.

Of course, there will always be cases where laptops are preferred, and for many Blackberries or other smart phones are the right way to go for mobile CRM. But the netbook is not a fad in my opinion (sorry to disagree Colin) and we’ll see more and more interesting use cases of a hyper-flexible product like Sugar on these devices.

Now – if we could just get every netbook sold in the world pre-bundled with Sugar…