I Present the Customer Conversation Series

I’m happy to present my inaugural Customer Conversation, which is a monthly audio installment where I interview a SugarCRM customer and shed a little light on how businesses across a realm of industries are leveraging Sugar, and more importantly, CRM in general, to drive results.

In addition to shining a spotlight on our own customers, I hope it will also drive conversation around CRM trends and buzzworthy terms such as CRM 2.0 or cloud computing by providing a case study as a benchmark on which to comment about both here on Outsiders or on our Twitter account. This month, I speak with Rick Byers at CTI Group. Feel free to listen in here.

Last but not least, you also get a chance to hear my voice, and no, it doesn’t sound like the android-driven Odiogo voice that I’m sure some of you have been listening to our blog posts with.