Mythbusters: Cloud Computing Edition

Computerworld online has a great article by Rob Scheier about the myths surrounding cloud computing.

It’s a great read – and up front dispels the main myth – that there is just one “cloud” or even a single definition of what it means to be a cloud.

I’m hearing that a lot of people are tired of the cloud computing term, and I don’t blame them. But I would argue that if there was more honesty and openness when it comes to defining and deploying cloud-based solutions – then we might not be so sick of all the marketing BS.

Look, as far as I am concerned, if you are deploying software somewhere (in a hosting facility, via a SaaS provider, or even on your  own servers – YES on your own servers) and pushing access to end users down through the web with no footprint on their machines – then you’re accessing the power of cloud computing.

Too many people have trouble getting past the old marketing that created a false dichotomy between SaaS and non-SaaS software. Just because a CRM system, for example, is not delivered via a SaaS vendor does not mean it’s a windows client or ancient green screen technology. Come on, even PeopleSoft offered a zero-footprint browser-based CRM and HR system more than 5 years ago (I guess technically it still does, it’s just something Oracle-branded now).

We need to stop equating SaaS with the cloud when it comes to software. it is misleading and limiting – and maybe, if people realize how truly open the cloud is and not necessarily a stepping stone to big bucks, they’ll lay off using it so much in their marketing pitches.

These guys are not fooled by the wool-pulling SaaS companies have done around cloud computing.