Social Media’s Untapped Resource

I wanted to add a few comments to my previous post from Monday. I’ve heard many within our industry speak to the underused human potential when it comes to technology and people within the business place…a cognitive surplus if you will.

In the past, technology, and redesigning processes to match it, has worked wonders for increasing the productivity around historic and transactional processes. But I think Web 2.0 is teaching us more than just that, about how to handle processes around community building and collaboration on a much more finite scale, and in a different manner from previous technologies.

In Monday’s blog I spoke about taking a bottom-to-top approach, and I think it makes sense. Web 2.0 technologies are usually seen as grassroots-driven concepts. But to scale across an organization, it takes participation from leadership…a lot like CRM implementations.

The best ideas typically come from users, but they require help to scale. In earlier IT campaigns, identifying and prioritizing applications that would generate value was easy. But that was because they were addressing known processes functioning within business silos. That isn’t so much the case with Web 2.0, which for the first time in decades, is teaching leaders how to accept and commoditize end-user ideas spanning across an entire company, but at the same time, drive value that management doesn’t expect.

One thought on “Social Media’s Untapped Resource

  1. Colin, agree with you 100% here. Reminds me of both the books from Andy Mulholland and the fictional goings on at Vorpal. Also is this not similar to the recent revolt by Facebook users and the TOS that led to a reversal from facebook? At the end of the day, users are ultimately closer to the end customer and have to deal with it first hand. We have adopted a similar approach here for deployment and it works extremely well.

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