Google Says No to CRM Apps; But is that Really the Case?

While Google has publicly said it is not building “enterprise applications” and there is no future roadmap for such. But, does that mean Google will never be in the CRM or related apps game?

I am not so sure.

What I mean is that Google could enter the CRM market in at least two distinct ways. One, on the very low end of the CRM spectrum, its Outlook integration tools are very similar to base CRM capabilities. In the old contact management world, all that was missing was strong email integration. With that, Google has the basics in place.

Secondly, as a cloud provider, Google could partner with the right application providers to deliver CRM functionality – either simple or complex permutations – to end user organizations. Google could also open up its huge cloud infrastructure and have companies store apps they’ve licensed from other CRM providers on their own Google server account. So, while Google is not building any full-fledged applications, this is not to say it has no plans to get in the game in some other way.

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

4 thoughts on “Google Says No to CRM Apps; But is that Really the Case?

  1. Nigel – yeah, the partnership is pretty well known. But – unless Google wants to make a several billion dollar deal, I don’t see it acquiring SFDC. Also,’s limited multi-tenant model means that Google cannot host and embed, and I think the CRM tools in’s arsenal are too complex for the typical Google branded product – fast, powerful and easy to use.


  2. a basic CRM could mean a lot to google and needs not so many programming
    They already have a new gmail in the works (as of today) integrating more on the current apps and a shared board, more outlook type…but in my opinion, outlook is going bananas in a short time…i already moved to apps and it works pretty nice right now, i dont need to update and i can use the offline (gears) option with a slick borderless chrome window. Newone looks way better but it’s all coming to this:

    1. Contacts has its own page and App space now
    2. Calendar is very slick and has the most needed features
    3. You have email integration, Office Suite integration, collaboration tools (gtalk, wave, gmail)

    Just add basic CRM features (sugarCRM community is a very good start)
    And at some point, ADD ACCOUNTING for both company and the actual user inside the company (stocks performance portfolio also and CSV conciliation with bank accounts for credit, savings and checking accounts), a small but useful accounting system that follows double entry accounting and the latest accounting world standards…a chart of accounts and ability to create accounts, statements reports, cashflow and graphs.

    include Ads on all windows if you want, this means more time spent on a window with clickable ads.

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