Social Media, CEOs and Authenticity

A survey/study of the CEOs of Fortune 100 companies reveals that social media is not a priority.

Well, I understand that CEOs of the world’s largest companies are probably pretty busy. But to have no Fortune 100 CEOs writing blogs, and only a few using Twitter, seems rather odd. I mean, wouldn’t you want a figurehead to be one of the people extending your brand?

As the linked blog post suggests – this leaves me with the notion that most CEOs are “old school” and simply don’t get the power of social media in today’s economy.

But what is the answer. On the one hand, these brands come off as stodgy and out of touch. But to force a CEO into the whirlpool of social media could have other consequences. The consumers and business partners out there in the 2.0 universe are savvy, and can pick up the scent of hacked together, phony social strategies like a shark in bloody water.

To come off as just trying for the sake of it can sometimes be worse than not trying at all. There’s a fine balance here.

In my opinion, I think these CEOs, and their firms, should be (if they are not already) taking a careful look at the engagement and interaction strategy of their highest managers. Consumers of all products and services (B2B and B2C alike) are expecting transparency and essentially to be presented with a flat organization (even if it isn’t flat at all) that is dedicated top to bottom to creating a strong customer experience.

I don’t have all the answers…but it seems like there is so much low hanging fruit here that it wouldn’t take a social media genius to get it all started.

One thought on “Social Media, CEOs and Authenticity

  1. Good article – you’re right. Right now there wouldn’t be too many CEO’s nor Top 100 businesses who have made it to the top via online social media.

    Much the same as twenty years ago it was rare to see a PC on the CEO’s desk.

    Any technological and social change takes time and tomorrows senior execs and businesses will be required to be connected to compete and succeed.

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