Posted in July 2009

IBM and SPSS: A Good Sign of Things to Come

I was happy to hear of IBM’s acquisition of predictive analytics player SPSS for $1.2 billion, as it’s a healthy sign for the CRM market for two reasons. First it shows that the technology sector in general is still flush with cash despite the downturn, and thus, have shown the ability to consummate acquisitions. Secondly, … Continue reading

What’s Next for B2B Sales and Marketing?

Just read an interesting series of predictions over at the Sales Machine blog regarding the future of B2B sales. Some of the predictions are bold to say the least: such as the disappearance of entry-level sales jobs by 2020. But there are some interesting ideas. And I believe that the changing nature of sales engagements … Continue reading

CRM: A Necessary Evil or Simply Defining Risk Management vs. ROI?

I spoke with a customer today that referred to CRM as a “necessary evil” and that expects they’re recent implementation to provide them with a “global tool that will enable our sales force to coordinate,” but outside of that, no other return on investment…at least not for the foreseeable future. Hmmm…. The conversation, which summarized … Continue reading

A Great Example of Social Media in Action

I just came across a nice example of a customer that’s leveraging social media in a simple, yet efficient manner. In many aspects, social CRM is still viewed very much as a nice-to-have or not-at-all, which I think in part is because many are trying to bite off more than they can chew. Like any … Continue reading

Interoperability, at any Cost…

Sometimes I am amazed at just how different the consumer technology world looks at interoperability and industry standards as compared to the B2B and general app software industry. I really do believe that concepts like the cloud and open source have ushered in a new era of application design and deployment – integration and coexistence … Continue reading

Leveraging Social Media for Startups

A number of startups have had some success by leveraging social media as part of their CRM initiative out-of-the-box. I can see why it’s such a sound strategy. If you’re a successful startup, it means your company has properly identified an addressable market and customer base; a customer base you want to be actively engaged … Continue reading

Boeing: A Lesson in the Globalization of Manufacturing and CRM

Boeing’s recent decision to purchase a plant that produces large sections of its new 787 airliner from a subcontractor I think underlines the importance that supply chain management and manufacturing will increasingly play in customer relationships moving forward. It’s an effort to rein in supplier problems that have led to costly delays of the next … Continue reading