Defining Social CRM…for Good This Time…

Paul Greenberg – who I feel was one of if not the driving force behind the social CRM concepts as we know them today – has put his foot down on defining just what we’ve all been talking about over the past couple of years.

I agree on a lot of his points. I especially like that he believes we should drop the “CRM 2.0” as a synonym for Social CRM. It always sounds so terminal and finite.

But I think really, at the heart of this discussion, is a simple realization. Regardless of how we try to define the changes around CRM – and try to differentiate Social CRM from traditional SFA and support processes and technologies – one thing is clear. The difference between traditional and social CRM is blurring more and more every day.

Social CRM is not necessarily a separate platform for doing anything “new” in the general CRM sense. It is simply a way of doing more (reaching more customers, providing more customer touch points) while managing the unstoppable evolution of the customer and their voice.

The axiom of Social CRM is “the customer is in charge of the conversation” and I don’t think this is a new concept at all. It is simply a new phrasing of “the customer is always right” – simply stated in a universe that has developed Twitter, YouTube, blogs etc.

The need for CRM hasn’t changed – but the systems and cultures must change with the times…

One thought on “Defining Social CRM…for Good This Time…

  1. Until Social CRM really evolves into a set of prerequisite features, processes and understood uses (which may well never happen), I think it’s going to be the aspect of CRM where nimble, imaginitive companies can truly gain competitive advantage. There’s no one-size-fits-all set of requirements for SCRM; instead you have to understand the social media landscape, understand where your customers are and which technologies are most beneficial to you in reaching them, and assemble a technology approach and a human strategy from the components that exist today. They say every CRM is a custom implementation; that will only become more true as Social CRM becomes more widely employed.

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