Cool SugarCRM Integration Alert: QuoteWerks

Aspire Technologies has announced that its QuoteWerks sales quoting tool now integrates out of the box with Sugar Professional.

Cool stuff. As it enhances the quoting module in Sugar, the integration allows for a more seamless and complete quoting process inside the user’s CRM system. As an analyst, all too often I saw organizations leveraging at least three different systems to manage quotes: their CRM system to track, a quoting engine to generate and optimize quotes, and some sort of ERP/accounting integration.

Having most of the front-end of quoting managed in Sugar solves a lot of issues with the quoting process, which as anyone in sales can attest can be a very manual and annoying process if not sufficiently automated.

You can check out the QuoteWerks module for Sugar at SugarExchange.

One thought on “Cool SugarCRM Integration Alert: QuoteWerks

  1. This is why QuoteWerks has been so successful marketing its quoting software – because it integrates so well with existing CRM solutions. However, the software doesn’t go far enough. While it allows you to create quotes, it doesn’t feature satisfactory billing capabilities – and doesn’t include many other extra features. Nirvaha is an up and coming software company that takes quote software to the next level. Not only does Nirvaha integrate with and QuickBooks, it also handles billings, and sales commissions. Whereas handles only some of a sales team’s needs, Salesforce + Nirvaha integrates to handle the entire process within one web-based application. Check out Nirvaha’s quote software here if you want to take a look. They also do billing software and commissions software. Enjoy!

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