Aiding the Corporate Tweet Machine – CoTweet Snags Cash

I just saw that Twitter collaboration tool CoTweet has completed a small round of Series A funding.

That is obviously good news on a couple levels. One, it shows that yes, startups are being funded by VCs in this less than desirable financial universe. And also, it shows that investors are taking the promise of social CRM and the “2.0-ification” (yes, I am making up yet another term) seriously. This bodes well for any of us involved with social media in some form or another, as well as (fingers crossed) for the investment and financial community in general.

CoTweet is an interesting concept. As anyone following the Twitter phenomenon knows, there are countless add-ons, plug-ins, widgets, etc. to make your tweeting experience easier and more powerful from a search, monitoring and analysis perspective.

But CoTweet has a slightly different aim – not marketed towards the individual out in the Twitterverse plugging away with updates and trying to gain a following – CoTweet’s jewel in the crown is the fact that its tool allows more than one user to tweet under a unified corporate Twitter identity.

This is great because it allows a number of possibilities: marketing teams in different areas and times zones presenting a unified marketing face to the globe under one Twitter address; and support teams managing ad hoc support or product/service inquiries from one centralized social media support persona. Ultimately, it makes it easier for brands to control consistency of message, and for customers to have a single point of engagement. Cool.

Of course, this enhanced capability brings some challenges. I believe brands will have to think ahead of time before unleashing the power of a single company face to the Twitterverse. Just being “out there” isn’t enough, and any slip ups in corporate voice and brand messaging could have repercussions.

But in the end, I think CoTweet is the first of many tools to start harnessing the typically distributed power of social media into one, unified and easy to use tool for team use.