Repackaging the Old as the New

Conversations with customers I’ve recently conducted have garnered some feedback about the vendor market and providers who are simply repackaging existing products to sell or failing to deliver on promised functionality.

With legacy vendors in particular you see this still being a common problem, or with companies that are acquisition happy and simply repackaging a newly acquired offering under fresh branding. Here’s a common dilemma: the functionality in a product you already own ends up in a “new” product, with the vendor trying to sell you a product that you essentially already have and only 20% in new capabilities.

We’re finding more and more customers who are frustrated with the dollars invested for limited returns and are thus considering migrating to the cloud. I think a lot of vendors are still making the mistake of running off an outdated business model: living off an installed client base and spending maintenance fees on exploring new markets or acquiring the competition, and in the process pushing their existing customers to the breaking point.

In that sense, I see the concept of open source and cloud computing, in all its hosted formats, addressing many of these old-school issues via more open architectures, and taking some of the financial weight off their own shoulders by giving customers more freedom.

One thought on “Repackaging the Old as the New

  1. To whom it may concern: With this being the case there is an absence of and know one is addressing the proper roles and workflow while discussing Implementation process. I worked as a Business Analyst on a few projects it seems as though its not so much the Applications it the old methodology and the lack of Project Management and CMMI standards.

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    Christopher C.Greene
    Healthcare Solutions Consultant
    Applica Consulting Group,LLC

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