The Sugar Open Cloud and the Real World

I was reading an interesting op-ed piece in the New York Times by John Zittrain and the import of the article, and a lot of the comments really echoed with what we have been saying here at Sugar about the benefits of the open cloud, namely:

-A “one size fits all” model of the cloud will simply not work.

-Cloud models cannot be veiled (or not so veiled) lock-in strategies.

-Developers need access and openness to generate strong communities around cloud-based offerings.

-Issues around data security, privacy, etc. have not been fully solved by any one cloud model.

It’s an interesting laundry list, and it all comes down to one thing: the value of choice. Look, no one at SugarCRM feels like we have solved every single issue users may have with cloud computing. The SugarCRM multi-instance approach, and its open cloud model is definitely an evolution of the SaaS/Cloud model – but at any given time, there are potential pros and cons with any of the several deployment models available.

But that is why there are several choices. And we are working constantly to make it easier and easier to migrate between these choices. Things change, needs change – and the software you run for your business needs to adapt.

The cloud offers up a lot of potential – and we see it as a means for businesses of all sizes to get up and running quickly, with little up-front investment, on a strong CRM platform. But we are not going to lie to you and say that the Sugar open cloud as it stands today can be all things to everyone. We’ll leave the hyperbolic marketing to others.

One thought on “The Sugar Open Cloud and the Real World

  1. Yes, I looked at developing custom crm’s for small to mid-sized businesses. I would like to take a standard crm and integrate it with accounting, fulfillment, service, social media, etc. What I am finding is that the customization is either far too expensive in this economic climate. I would enjoy speaking with someone at Sugar who might be able to help me as the development of our own is quite time consuming.

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