A Great Example of Social Media in Action

I just came across a nice example of a customer that’s leveraging social media in a simple, yet efficient manner. In many aspects, social CRM is still viewed very much as a nice-to-have or not-at-all, which I think in part is because many are trying to bite off more than they can chew.

Like any good CRM implementation, the key is starting off simple and then building those social capabilities out as business needs demand it. Such is the case with one such customer that’s a software provider. They’re leveraging our social media Connectors as a sort of ad-hoc sales and marketing solution to connect with first or second-time prospects.

As their lead developer said to me, “social CRM should be viewed as a handshake.” They’re leveraging both a Facebook connector and LinkedIn connector to view somebody’s professional profile within the “Contacts” module, with the link to that information auto-populating the Connector’s field when a new Contact is clicked on. If and when the situation calls for it, a salesperson will reach out and connect with a potential client based on their own good judgment and leave it at that. And based on their success/failure rates they’re seeing within certain market segments, feedback and reports is being run on the data for future direction.

It’s nothing spectacular, but at the same time it also took just an hour or two of work to set up. More importantly, it’s exposing their sales force to the processes and fundamentals associated with connecting with customers socially, and establishing the benchmarks by which greater initiatives can be taken down the road.

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