What’s Next for B2B Sales and Marketing?

Just read an interesting series of predictions over at the Sales Machine blog regarding the future of B2B sales. Some of the predictions are bold to say the least: such as the disappearance of entry-level sales jobs by 2020.

But there are some interesting ideas. And I believe that the changing nature of sales engagements including the way that companies create, build and nurture relationships will have a major effect on the staffing of sales organizations in the future.

For example, today I don’t think a potential sales representative would not get hired because they did not have an active Twitter account. But the day may come when a common bullet point in a job description reads as such:

-Must have at least 500 followers on Twitter; coupled with a large LinkedIn(or insert social network here) network connection list.

Or something like that… The key thing is, the way customers transact with companies is changing. Sales reps will undoubtedly have to change accordingly.

One thought on “What’s Next for B2B Sales and Marketing?

  1. I have a feeling that Twitter is more of a fad than something that will be considered a plus in the future. The studies I’ve seen show that there’s very little sales activity going on in that environment. I also don’t think that the size of your LinkedIn network is significant either. What’s significant is what you can accomplish in terms of growing revenue and profit. Measuring “followers” is just kinda silly. Measuring bookings and exceeding quota — that’s what business is all about.


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