SugarCRM: Four for the Price of One?

Just had an interesting talk with a prospect, and would be interested in hearing from current Sugar users around this…

The prospect deals in software they distribute to both customers and partners – and thus have software bugs they track with a stand alone app. Ideally, bugs would be tracked to customer cases, but the CRM system they have cannot support this today.

As a tech-focused company, this firm also has various projects that need to be managed – again ideally integrated with the CRM system to manage activities and availability of resources.

Finally, as a growing company, there are hiring processes and other HR issues that are currently not supported by any automated system – just the usual email and spreadhseets scenario.

I explained how Sugar as a platform is more than just CRM – including the project and bug tracking modules but also noting the Module Builder platform and how easily one could create an HR-candidate tracking system. The prospect, who would be the admin of the system, said “It’s like getting four for one – I don’t have to administer and maintain a bunch of systems” and even noted that a 4x reduction in license price was less of the benefit to his peace of mind.

So, my question to Sugar users that leverage the additional modules such as project management, bug tracker, Module Builder, etc. – which is the greater benefit: the ease of maintenance or the cost savings implied?

One thought on “SugarCRM: Four for the Price of One?

  1. It’s not about maintenance; it’s not about cost savings; it’s about the all-in-one customer relation view for the company.
    Sales creates the new opportunities and leads, and Project Management runs the projects and is expanding the existing projects with change opportunities and new opportunities for Sales.
    CRM is not a Sales tool; it’s a company tool.

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