Microsoft, SugarCRM and the Future of Cloud-Based Development

SugarCRM and Microsoft have worked together for years now – and we’re actually seeing more than 60% of Sugar deployments on the MS stack. But today’s announcement around Sugar Community Edition now on Microsoft’s Web Gallery opens up a lot of cool opportunities for developers of all kinds.

Microsoft has been making it easier and easier for PHP and other web developers to work in their platform configuration. Now, developers can actually access and develop the Sugar Community Edition natively on a Windows environment.

I see the future vision being this: Microsoft (as well as a lot of other providers) hosting large platforms that allow developers not to only access apps to download, or act as hosting providers – but acting as cloud-based full service environments so developers can easily make deep customizations and extensions, and either manage, distribute and even monetize these without making a single dollar investment in hardware or storage on their own sites.

Stay tuned for some very exciting announcements from SugarCRM around this concept. The Open Cloud is all about “anytime, anywhere” when it comes to access, deployment, development, etc. of applications…things are just starting to heat up.

2 thoughts on “Microsoft, SugarCRM and the Future of Cloud-Based Development

  1. Hi Martin
    A curve ball for you – Marketing Pilgrim reported today that:

    “There are apparently 3,000 new organizations turning to Google daily to put together varying combinations of Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs and the other Google apps.”

    How does this sort of info fit into the Sugar-sphere?



  2. Mark,

    Thanks for the comment…

    I would argue (without any data to prove or disprove) that email is the primary driver there…but ultimately – the news is a pro for Sugar and all of its partners. The idea being that cloud-based deployments of multiple apps – and soon from multiple vendors – will be normal sights inside any small organizations (and some larger ones). Google is taking a leadership role here given its visibility, and as the rising tide argument goes…

    This type of cloud-based application concept caters to small businesses, and can be deployed in a global fashion, so there are literally countless organizations that can be potential targets.

    Thanks for the alternate insight and keep reading…


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