Deploy with SugarCRM – Get Appointed to High Government Posts (Well, Maybe…)

Just thought I’d share this cool news that just came across my inbox. One of SugarCRM’s earlier large deployments, athenahealth has a very smart and capable co-founder named Todd Park, who really took Sugar to the limit early on.

Thanks to his innovative take on technology, healthcare and simply improving processes around people and systems – Todd has been named CTO of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Very cool.

A bit of a boast post – but does go to show you – if you have software flexible enough to help you realize your vision, good things will follow šŸ˜‰

One thought on “Deploy with SugarCRM – Get Appointed to High Government Posts (Well, Maybe…)

  1. That’s so very cool. I’ve noticed Athena Health from years ago when I was trying to sell the concept of using SugarCRM for a Laser Systems Manufacturer. Now I’m trying to sell the idea to a small Metal Fabricator. One of the things I love about SugarCRM is it’s flexibility and modular design. Custom modules and plugin make it a “no-brainer” in my book. SEF.

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