Open Cloud BI – the JasperSoft/Talend/Vertica/Rightscale Example

I’m here in San Francisco checking out the OpenSource World, Cloud Expo and Next Generation Data Center combined events…good crowd of some familiar and new faces.

One of the most interesting sessions was focused on BI in the Cloud. The session was around Business Intelligence (BI) in the cloud, and was presented mainly by the heads of JasperSoft and Rightscale.

The notion is that companies no longer need to deploy, manage and maintain a complex stack of a data warehouse, an ETL tool, an analytical engine – as well as support the compute intensive operations – on their own IT stack. This alone is an amazing benefit – getting companies up and running (or replacing outdated systems) and handling complex data analysis and other data-intensive processes quickly and for less costs.

However, the fact that this setup can run on Amazon EC2 Cloud Services, or on other cloud environments like Rackspace shows the growing benefits of the open cloud.

More and more, it is becoming less important where software and systems lie – remote access, portability and nearly unlimited scalability of cloud environments and offerings are obviating the need for large in house investment in complex data centers.

This BI example is hopefully just one of the many open cloud options organizations will have at their disposal going forward. ISVs and other parties will be coming together more and more – to the ultimate benefit of the end user.