What is CRM? …Not as Simple a Question as You Might Think.

Many larger companies have a pretty well-defined idea of what they expect their CRM initiative to cover: usually sales, marketing and customer support. But for smaller companies – the initial (and ultimate) scope of a CRM project may not be the same for all parties involved in the decision-making process. This leads to all sorts of issues that can stymie your success.

Just take this blog post – which notes how differently different people in your marketing department alone can and will see the definition of CRM.

So, I think an important exercise for anyone considering introducing CRM software into their organization is to ask each decision maker to write down their definition of CRM. Compare the results. This can help identify and outline priorities, and help set up a timeline for a well-phased approach to your CRM rollout.

The more you understand your expectations, the better you can manage and meet them…

One thought on “What is CRM? …Not as Simple a Question as You Might Think.

  1. I market a CRM product, and I go back and forth on whether or not to even use the term “CRM” in my marketing because so many people misunderstand what that is (or, worse, have never heard of it before). I wish there was a better term, or more descriptive terms that could be used. I’ve tried “Contact Manager” but, just as any CRM, our software does much more than just manage contacts.

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