CRM Evolution Tweet Recap

So, it’s been a busy day one here at the CRM Evolution event…rather than recap my day in long prose, I thought I’d list out my Tweets from the day.  I azttended a few great sessions, one by David Raab around Marketing Automation Best Practices, and One by Clint Oram, co-founder an VP of Products here at SugarCRM, and Paul Briggs from Blackberry, as well as Forrester analyst Michael Kirgsman’s talk on IT failues.

Forgive the spelling errors…

Kringsman: Never underestimate the people effect on IT failures

Clint Oram: web mobile apps and other tools like airline wifi making offline client obsolete

Mobile crm initiatives drive adoption of overall system

23% of surveyed sales people access CRM via mobile device

CRM apps one of tops business apps on Blackberry AppWorld

Re: blackberry and mobile crm – what about the browser-based mobile crm systems? No need for maintenance on device

Clints definition of social crm – interacting with the customer on the customer’s terms

Sugar’s Twitter integration: monitor contacts, trends, topics right inside CRM system for reporting

Sales and marketing need to agree on definition of “sales-ready lead”

One more mkting best practice: gather info and re-score leads over time

Cross department cooperation can help optimize campaign results

Multi-channel anaylitics – manage web, phone, email response to campaigns in one flow

Best practices for campaign execution: statistical modeling; flexible campaign flow response-based; multiple scores per lead

Best practices for campaign content: rules-driven offers; drip messages; unified content manahement

Best practices for campaign design: multiple channels in same campain; retention campaings; reuasable and shared components

Some marketing best practices: dynamic surveys; mining social networks; summarized activity detail – to gather better data

More to come tomorrow…