CRM Evolution Conference Recap

Collecting my thoughts on the CRM Evolution conference, I’d say the most interesting thing is seeing more and more people approach me about getting their products integrated with Sugar. This included a lot of the SpeechTek participants. More and more, Sugar is being seen as a great agent desktop or supporting platform for call center use. Great to see that the flexibility and cost model that Sugar can offer this industry is really catching on.

From an end-user perspective, a lot of CRM shoppers for lack of a better term seemed to be a little curious regarding social CRM, but still seemed a bit unsure of how it all fits into their business. I’d say this is especially true with the B2B CRM users I was fortunate to meet. I showed them the Sugar Cloud connectors, portal dashlets and the LinkedIn connector available out of the box, and you could see light bulbs going off. Very cool.

What I think was very interesting, while on the topic of social CRM, was how this conference was more Twitterified (if that’s a word) than any one I’ve been to yet. Many cliques of social CRM Twitter personalities were coming together; there were lots of Tweetups around the event – in short Twitter has changed the way we do things in many ways.

But even with all the social media hoopla, it was good to see some core ideas still hold true – like insuring your core CRM initiative is successful from an IT management perspective. Forrester analyst Michael Krigsman gave a strong talk on it – and has made his slides available online, so check it out (might give you a few pointers).

All in all, a good show and always great to connect with the industry and of course the end-user community to keep our finger on the pulse of what buyers really want in their CRM solutions.