Early Adopters Are Not Always Early Experts

Special thanks to co-social media maven and SugarCRM associate Mitch Lieberman for pointing me to this interesting blog post via Twitter, of course. The post talks about how many people, simply by virtue of having a Twitter account, are claiming to be social media experts.

There has been a groundswell of “consultants” and other types of experts around social media, and social CRM these days. How many have the goods to really lead a firm’s foray into the great sales and marketing shift?  Who knows…

I do know that we have cultivated a nice little clique of sorts on Twitter around social CRM, and the guys there – Paul Greenberg, Brent Leary, Mitch, Michael Krigsman, Esteban Kolsky, Ian Jacobs to name a few – know their stuff.

But there are always going to be people that see an emerging concept and look to create an opportunity for themselves. First movers’ advantage, and all that jazz…

It reminds me of the history of the movie critic. Many of the early critics had zero training or experience with films – they just spouted out opinions and for some reason, people listened to them.

Not to sound skeptical, but just as you would vett the qualifications of someone performing your more technical CRM deployment, be sure to check the status of the person trying to help your more amorphous sales and marketing initiatives. One of the great things about social CRM is that if these people are as good as they say they are – they should have the digital paper trail to prove it in the form of large community following and buzz, etc.

3 thoughts on “Early Adopters Are Not Always Early Experts

  1. Just by having Twitter account, no one are social media experts. It takes years of expertise and ongoing learning & updating with search engines algo’s & other search Engine Optimization stuffs.

    Coming to CRM’s one cannot claim his CRM is great initially again after showing its performance the true value that CRM comes out

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