Posted in September 2009

Opening Up MDM

One of our data integration partners, Talend, announced that they were adding to their data integration offerings with the industry’s first ever open source MDM (master data management) solution, technology based on their purchase of MDM vendor Amalto. It’s a small, but noteworthy announcement, because here again you see open source opening the door for … Continue reading

Fast Customer Feedback Aggregation: Twtpoll

So, you created a Twitter account for your business – good.  You even started getting a strong amount of follow requests – even better. You are engaging in conversations, re-tweeting, and even seeing your tweets being RT-ed all over the place – awesome. So, what have you taken way from all of this?  Yeah, sometimes … Continue reading

Web 2.0 and E-Commerce: Sink or Swim?

Today saw an announced e-commerce integration with Magento through one of our Dutch partners, the idea being to allow users to automatically upload information such as registered customers, abandoned shopping carts and customer cases directly into SugarCRM. For only a few hundred bucks, it’s a powerful tool for SMBs looking to tie interactions on the … Continue reading

SOA and Open Source: Enabling Cloud Computing and Vice Versa

I colleague recently forwarded me this Joe McKendrick blog, which looks at how SOA is an enabler of cloud computing and visa versa. I couldn’t help but note the synergies between SOA and open source, both of which are following parallel courses in their respective roles in cloud computing. If cloud computing is helping to … Continue reading

Social CRM: It’s Still All About Recording and Maintaining the Data

Conversations with customers looking to leverage Sugar’s social media capabilities, such as the GetSocial Twitter module and others, has shed some light on how I see companies implementing and using social CRM. I’ve come to find that while social CRM is about finding a new way to garner communication with existing customers, a company’s effective … Continue reading

Does Social CRM Favor Marketing and Support Over Sales?

I have spent the last several months looking at all of the permutations of “social.” It is safe to say that when TV commercials and awards shows display people twittering away – that the social media trend has reached near total saturation. Those designing and selling business applications have been remarkably quick to adopt these … Continue reading

CRM Acceleration Recap

The past few days have been a whirlwind to say the least – three cities in three days, filled with great conversations with great people. The CRM Acceleration road show kicked off to great success in Austin, Houston and Denver. It is great to see the different types of CRM enthusiasts in the Sugar universe … Continue reading