Building a Business on Open Source – Levementum

This week SugarCRM was announced a winner of the coveted Bossie award. The Sugar product was named a leader in the “Best of Open Source Enterprise Software” category. This is always a great honor, being recognized as the best in what you do.

But a blog post from one of SugarCRM’s key partners Levementum caught my eye. The post notes that Levementum aids organizations of all sizes deploy and manage most of the open source Bossie winners, including Compiere for ERP, Pentaho for Business Intelligence and Magento for e-commerce.

Think about it – ten years ago it would have been impossible to find a VAR or SI that was heavily invested in deploying open source components for end user organizations. Sure, Linux may have been an area of competence, but I doubt you’d find many companies with more than one open source software package in their arsenal.

Today, innovative firms like Levementum are creating an entire open source stack of sorts – covering many of the bases of what enterprises need to function. This way, Levementum can offer a wide range of versatile solutions at a much lower entry point costs. Then their clients can spend more energy and resources customizing and creating a truly differentiated IT strategy.

The great thing is, the end user wins big here. The promise of open source – greater flexibility and control while keeping costs in check – is realized across the broad set of open source specialists like Levementum.