The Next Evolution in Enterprise Software

As something of a follow up to my blog on software platforms, discussions in recent weeks at the CRM Evolution conference and with other industry pundits has shed some light on where the enterprise IT industry is heading in general.

Just a year ago it seemed the concept of Web-based and open standard-based software being at the forefront. Not that it still isn’t, but already you see the move being made to social, collaborative business software solutions. Getting back to my comments the other day on software solutions providing businesses with the flexibility to customize their solutions into industry-specific platforms, I think it all points to the fact that business solutions need to reflect how people actually work…and Web 2.0 has played a big part in that realization.

I think IT leaders are going to continue to push vendors like ourselves along a roadmap of producing enterprise 2.0 – enabled solutions that are all about collaboration, shear flexibility and consistently evolving software requirements to meet the needs of businesses.

I’m sure somebody in the coming 12 months will come up with a new acronym (perhaps enterprise 3.0?) to define this emergence of new software solutions, but I’ve never been a big fan of labeling things to begin with. I think it comes down to software in general, whether it be CRM, ERP, SCM, whatever, becoming increasingly focused on leveraging Web 2.0 to drive more dynamic user experiences, collaboration across all end-users, and above all, a focus on supporting business processes.