Looking for Great CRM for Your Mac? Try the BitNami Sugar Stack

One of the great things about SaaS or cloud-based software is that all you need is a web browser to be up and running. And for the most part, the web architecture of Sugar means that all end users need is a web browser to access the system.

But on site software is still a popular option, and operating environments do come in to play when it comes time to make a decision.

I have heard a lot of Mac users over the years complain that a lot of popular CRM applications are not well configured to run in Mac OS environments. Again, the SaaS angle has helped – but for those on site deployments, pickings are somewhat slim.

Luckily for Mac-using CRM lovers – it is now easier than ever to get your Sugar deployment screaming on a Mac. Thanks to BitNami – Mac users can now quickly download a Mac-OS ready Sugar stack.

SugarCRM has worked hard to make sure it plays nice with any operating system – Mac, Windows and of course Linux – and here is just more proof, and more choices when it comes to getting up and running in any environment.