SugarCRM Can’t Buy this Kind of Publicity

Some great points on why SugarCRM is a great choice over competing CRM systems here at the K13 blog, apparently written by someone who left for Sugar Professional On Demand.

The blog mainly compares Sugar to – but really any of the older multi-tenant SaaS CRM solutions could be plugged in here.

The first point is really the best – noting that Sugar in all its deployment models allows for great data ownership. This is an issue we have seen hit home with a lot of the customer who come to Sugar from Salesforce and other vendors.

Using a CRM as your system of record means you are probably going to need to get data into and out of your CRM system with ease on a regular basis – and as the K13 blogger notes:

Exporting data to move to any other system from SugarCRM is simply 1 click away for each data type.

It’s all about ease of use. Because like the blogger says – all CRM systems have more features than the regular CRM user can ever need. So it all comes down to which provider makes your daily work life a bit easier.

Great to see more people coming to realize the power of Sugar.

4 thoughts on “SugarCRM Can’t Buy this Kind of Publicity

  1. I have tried to export my sugarCRM database INCLUDING history/notes and I can’t seem to figure out how to do it… any suggestions??

  2. Hi Emma,
    i’m in the same situation.. did you manage to figure out how to export all the notes as well? if you have a solution, pls be so kind to let me know.


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