SugarCRM and the Evolving Open Cloud – the Amazon Example.

One of the things that miffs me the most about cloud computing is that many of the multi-tenant, older generation SaaS providers have pretty much rebranded everything they do as “cloud.” I had a great talk this week with the 451 Group’s cloud computing team, and they seem to agree.

So I must make it clear that when SugarCRM talks about the cloud, and more specifically the Open Cloud – it is not simply marketecture. SugarCRM is making its offering much more cloud friendly – truly cloud friendly – than most CRM providers out there.

Take our recent announcement around Amazon Web Services. Now, Sugar developers can access, test and develop on a fully operation Sugar Community Edition instance up in the cloud. This is a true marriage of open source and the cloud – enabling anytime, anywhere access to code for developers. Think of it as extending the core open source concepts like SugarForge into the cloud – where developers once could discover cool stuff to download – now they actually have an environment to work on all this stuff in the cloud.

And developers are not the only ones taking advantage of the cloud. Production customers have used Amazon EC2 as their cloud OS for some time, with great SugarCRM partners like Levementum helping them to do so.

Ultimately, it comes down to an evolution in how we develop, deploy and manage applications. You simply have more choices these days – from owning everything in your datacenter, to leveraging cloud-based components to streamline deployments, to going whole-hog SaaS and letting your vendor of choice manage everything.

And in my humble opinion, the software providers than can offer all of these options as well as the ability to migrate between them, will be the winners.

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  1. “SugarCRM is making its offering much more cloud friendly than most CRM providers out there”. I agree with you Martin over this statement, even we at OSSCube find it much more friendly for our clients than any other CRM applications.

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