How Open Source and Product Management is Leading to a Tipping Point in Enterprise Software

I couldn’t agree more with Matt Asay’s post earlier today. In it, he uses Alfresco as an example of how “customers didn’t get the memo” about using their offerings out-of-the-box. Never has that concept rung more true than in the world of IT today.

As I said following our participation at the CRM Evolution conference last month, we’re reaching a tipping point where software is becoming more about how much control the customer wants over their software packages; packages that are increasingly becoming platforms on which a company’s IT department can build upon.

For Alfresco, that means adopting an enterprise content management solution into records management or perhaps even a knowledge base. For SugarCRM, we’ve seen the same maturation, with our software being tailored for contract management, field service, and back-office operations, none of which was ever envisioned in the original project.

The innovation we strive for within our product offerings, and the mission-critical applications that become the cornerstone of a company’s business, aren’t being built entirely by vendor’s like us, they’re being built by IT departments across the world thanks to open source.